Bridal Hair

Here is some of my work from the past few years. I love weddings. So many happy emotions in the air. It’s glamorous and girly and just fabulous.    I hope the images inspire different ideas for accesories. I will discuss accessories in more detail at a later date. The thing I like the most is being a part of someone’s most special day. I feel so lucky when I’m welcomed into the family for one of their most memorable days.

My job enables me to visit some of the finest venues in Lancashire, in particular, my home, The Ribble Valley.

My most favourite venue has to be Gibbon Bridge. The name conjours comical images of monkeys dancing on a bridge (in my mind anyway). But it is far from comical. It is pure country luxury. The smell of freshly baked bread welcomes you into a warm and friendly entrance building. Large bright corridors lead to a large suite with a mezzanine boutique bedroom, roll top bath and a log burner. The patio doors open directly into the imacculate gardens. It is common for stylists and make up artists to travel to the venue and this bridal suite was incomparable to some of the hotel rooms I have visited professionally. Just masses of space. Helping everyone steer clear of becoming flustered! And that is a major factor on a wedding day!  I find wedding hair follows trends and fashions. So sometimes it can become a little repetitive. I just thrive in my job when somebody asks for something alternative.      Vintage hair is my passion. I was born in the wrong era! Check out my Instagram and Facebook for more images.

Summer is on the way!


So Spring is in full swing by the look of the wildlife, but can we honestly say goodbye to the winter woollies? Today was a great taster for Summer. Bright blue sky, freshly mown grass and the sound of neighbours tinkering in garages and tidying their gardens. 

The anticipation of the British Summer. Will it be a good, long, sunny one? Or an early, short, hot spell descending into a damp disappointment? I’m not greedy, I’d just like it to be dry for days out. Rainy days in school holidays are just cruel!

Moving from a small terrace with a back yard to a house with a garden, we feel extremely lucky on a day like today. Pottering about outside with the children building a tent from a cardboard box. This is the life. I feel so happy knowing that there will be so many days like this to look forward to with my happy little family. I know Dave feels the same and I’m sure he feels like he has made it in life now he owns a Flymo! A real ‘Dad’ purchase!



I think I enjoyed building the festival inspired tent more than Faye. We mixed our own colours with paints, a great way to help them to understand primary and secondary colours. Faye loves threading beads. I give her a large blunt needle. A great activity to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We pitched the tent on the lawn using small bamboo skewers and glued coloured paper and sequins on to decorate. We soaked up the sun and Faye ate a picnic in her den. Isaac was more interested in destroying it, so he wasn’t welcomed with open arms! 


Even Jimi made himself at home! 

Calling all chocoholics!


As a parent you find nights out lose their appeal. You know longer fancy a beer after work, or a crafty ciggy on your break. Yes, you are often envious of Friday’s young and carefree sitting on the sun terrace, alcoholic beverage in hand. Whilst you are run ragged, zooming from school, to childminders, to gymnastics. You miss the spontaneity of the tea time pub visit. But you’ve come to realise that you don’t miss the sore head in the morning.

I am still a party animal at heart but it has to be a really special event to warrant the five day hangover. So I no longer drink or smoke (maybe quarterly). I seem to have replaced it with something much worse. 

Not limited to special occasions, I often find chocolate sneaking into my daily food allowance. Will I manage to give that up one day? I am really hoping so. I couldn’t imagine smoking a cigarette or drinking a glass of wine right now, but chocolate….innocent chocolate. The handshake from an old familiar friend. Why don’t I see it for the devil it really is?

The appeal is too much, the smooth, melt in your mouth feeling. It melts away the daily stress and takes you somewhere far away…..


For about 30 seconds. Then you want another piece. And another. 

I’m writing this right now as I have broken the sugar-free law that I am so trying to live by. I have been doing well and even resisted chocolate last night when Dave brought it home. A huge achievement for me. 

I was on my lunch break at home today getting ready to walk the dog. And I spied it. High up, on the shelf. I deliberated over this temptation. The angel and the devil fought it out on my shoulders. The angel didn’t stand a chance, bless her, she was unarmed in this battle of blissful indulgence.The soup ladle was my weapon of choice. I scooped that bar of smooth milk chocolate off that ledge and as it tumbled into my hands I felt like I’d caught the last man out!! Yesssss!

You know how it goes. Unfold the foil carefully to cover your tracks. Just two pieces, to even out the line. Just one more. And one for the road. Now I’ll have to even that line out! I just can’t say no. I’m actually avoiding going back to the house because I know I’ll be faced with it again. I’m just not strong enough. Please tell me I’m not alone. Does your will power melt at the sight of a bar? 

Addicted to sugar


All my life I’ve been on a diet. They have worked a couple of times, but with both pregnancies I have gained around 3 stone. All my own work. I’m an emotional eater and hormones aren’t my friend, however, the biscuit tin is! I crave chocolate or biscuits when I’m down, nervous or stressed. But why do I get so much comfort from sweet treats? 

I lost the weight slowly but surely after Faye but I’m really struggling this time. I blame age and little spare time. In the past, I have tried my hardest and cut out everything I enjoy including bread, pasta and potatoes. What’s left? It’s no wonder it doesn’t last. So I decided, enough of this restrictive eating, simply eat healthy and cut back on sweet treats. I was much happier in myself knowing that I could enjoy everything in moderation and I would be a healthier person and hopefully slim down. With this new healthy lifestyle in mind I picked up a copy of The Sugar Free Diet Recipe Book from the supermarket for some new ideas. By coincidence, the following week there was a documentary on BBC 1 The Truth About Sugar.

Surprised at what we had learned from the book and the programme I realised, after all these years, that I was most definitely addicted to sugar. It scared me because it is more addictive and readily available than most drugs. Hold on, I’m giving this to my children. Something has to change.

I’m sure most of you would agree that we are focused on cutting fat when trying to be healthy, when really we are ignoring the sugar content. And in actual fact, most low fat products contain lots of sugar to make it taste better. When I actually got time to look at the ingredients that make up our everyday items I was shocked to see sugar in one form or another is in almost everything! 

Some are more obvious than others

  • Baked beans and soups
  • Salad cream and low fat mayonnaise
  • Balsamic vinegar and dressings
  • Stir fry sauces
  • Tomato ketchup and other condiments
  • Yogurt
  • Ham and other cooked meats
  • Frozen foods such as alpha bites
  • Savoury snacks and crisps

If you do get the opportunity to take your time in the supermarket to check the ingredients, have a look for sugar in its other forms 

  • Dextrose
  • Fructose
  • Honey
  • Syrup
  • Lactose
  • Molasses
  • Maltodextrain

There are so many others. Take a look at this article it makes an interesting and informative read.

Read the article and watch the documentary on BBC iPlayer and let me know what you think.

Back To School…..

Phew (mop of the brow!) The two weeks Easter holidays certainly put us through our paces. For 14 mornings Faye has been up and dressed (by herself) for 7am. This morning, the first day back at pre-school, I had to wake her at 8.15am! I’m certain she would have slept in well past 9 o’clock!

We all love spending time with our babies, but the stress levels were creeping out of amber and into red by Friday’s trip to the supermarket. I don’t know how this happened, but we have turned into one of those families that my younger, single, childfree self could never understand. Why on earth would the whole family go shopping at the busiest possible time? Why doesn’t one parent stay at home with the children? I’ll tell you why, because neither parent wants to stay at home with both children any longer and you simply have to stay together for moral support.

I try time and time again to shift the shopping day to a weekday but somehow it sneaks back into the weekend! It’s so much easier to go alone or just with Isaac. He is still well behaved enough to sit in the trolley without pestering for anything…..ah, my favourite sized baby! 


Easter treats don’t help things as far as behaviour is concerned but Faye was generally very good over the holidays and during our trip to Scarborough. This is her own theory, “I’m being good today aren’t I Mummy? That’s because it’s a sunny day. I’m good on sunny days and naughty on rainy days!” I asked her who told her that and she replied,”nobody, it’s just the way it is!” I couldn’t argue with that. So thankfully the weather was sunny for the majority of the two weeks. 

But we are all happy to get back to our routines. It’s funny how you look forward to a break from work and school, you’d think it would be nice and relaxing. Quite frankly, it’s just the opposite. Routines and boundaries are an important part of a child’s life, which they secretly enjoy, we all do.

Hopefully, this week, normality will be regained and life in the Wilson-Wright residence will be once again be balanced. 

This is me…..

Sample image

Welcome to my blog. I’m new here. This is my family. My name is Fran (31) and I live with my hunter-gatherer Dave (33), my delightful trouble makers Faye (3 years) and Isaac (9 months). Not forgetting my first-born, Jimi The Wonder Dog (5 years).

I am honestly not sure if anyone will want to read about us, but the main reason for the blog is to brush up on my IT skills. I haven’t used a PC in my job for nearly five years! Needless to say, I’m a little rusty! Having two young children, it’s really important that I don’t lose touch with technology and social media. After all, it’s changed radically in my life time and it will develop so much faster in theirs.

My friend Sarah introduced me to the idea and showed me just how exciting it can be and how it’s a great way to meet new friends!

So here we are, I’d like to give you an idea of what to expect from us but we don’t even know what’s happening day-to-day as we freewheel cluelessly through our hectic lives!

Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of our little adventures and mishaps, that might just put a smile on your face.