Back To School…..

Phew (mop of the brow!) The two weeks Easter holidays certainly put us through our paces. For 14 mornings Faye has been up and dressed (by herself) for 7am. This morning, the first day back at pre-school, I had to wake her at 8.15am! I’m certain she would have slept in well past 9 o’clock!

We all love spending time with our babies, but the stress levels were creeping out of amber and into red by Friday’s trip to the supermarket. I don’t know how this happened, but we have turned into one of those families that my younger, single, childfree self could never understand. Why on earth would the whole family go shopping at the busiest possible time? Why doesn’t one parent stay at home with the children? I’ll tell you why, because neither parent wants to stay at home with both children any longer and you simply have to stay together for moral support.

I try time and time again to shift the shopping day to a weekday but somehow it sneaks back into the weekend! It’s so much easier to go alone or just with Isaac. He is still well behaved enough to sit in the trolley without pestering for anything…..ah, my favourite sized baby! 


Easter treats don’t help things as far as behaviour is concerned but Faye was generally very good over the holidays and during our trip to Scarborough. This is her own theory, “I’m being good today aren’t I Mummy? That’s because it’s a sunny day. I’m good on sunny days and naughty on rainy days!” I asked her who told her that and she replied,”nobody, it’s just the way it is!” I couldn’t argue with that. So thankfully the weather was sunny for the majority of the two weeks. 

But we are all happy to get back to our routines. It’s funny how you look forward to a break from work and school, you’d think it would be nice and relaxing. Quite frankly, it’s just the opposite. Routines and boundaries are an important part of a child’s life, which they secretly enjoy, we all do.

Hopefully, this week, normality will be regained and life in the Wilson-Wright residence will be once again be balanced. 


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