Summer is on the way!


So Spring is in full swing by the look of the wildlife, but can we honestly say goodbye to the winter woollies? Today was a great taster for Summer. Bright blue sky, freshly mown grass and the sound of neighbours tinkering in garages and tidying their gardens. 

The anticipation of the British Summer. Will it be a good, long, sunny one? Or an early, short, hot spell descending into a damp disappointment? I’m not greedy, I’d just like it to be dry for days out. Rainy days in school holidays are just cruel!

Moving from a small terrace with a back yard to a house with a garden, we feel extremely lucky on a day like today. Pottering about outside with the children building a tent from a cardboard box. This is the life. I feel so happy knowing that there will be so many days like this to look forward to with my happy little family. I know Dave feels the same and I’m sure he feels like he has made it in life now he owns a Flymo! A real ‘Dad’ purchase!



I think I enjoyed building the festival inspired tent more than Faye. We mixed our own colours with paints, a great way to help them to understand primary and secondary colours. Faye loves threading beads. I give her a large blunt needle. A great activity to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We pitched the tent on the lawn using small bamboo skewers and glued coloured paper and sequins on to decorate. We soaked up the sun and Faye ate a picnic in her den. Isaac was more interested in destroying it, so he wasn’t welcomed with open arms! 


Even Jimi made himself at home! 


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